Monday, October 5, 2020

MK -ULTRA - Czech father and son(involved in case since 2002 or so), meeting with most dedicated/loyal(now elderly whose wife died in 2017) man from Czech Old Bohumin, and identifying on Polish side of border man(his wife/kid) who used to live on parking behind Orlen's fuel station in Polish Chalupkih - all audio recorded on August 30th, 2020(FIRST DAY) in Czech republic on lake Jezero Malý Kališok

MK Ultra Czech father son at the lake, old Czech man from Old Bohumin, and my recognizing three residents from no longer existing building(acknowledging long gone building as if one disappeared yesterday) which was located behind Orlen fuel station on Polish side of the border on first day
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Father got himself in life trouble via this very case because of my pointing out one to British/Germans who searched connections via which they were ready to invest as authentic European. Its how one got in trouble very soon with Czech government which blamed for it all Russians. He got divorced from wife and landed job in London but you can hear him using racist language because he still fears(LIKE MANY OTHERS WHOM BABISH EITHER CRIPPLED OR EVEN GOT KILLED) what one believes is Russian government. Czech government eventually got him drugged up and have inflicted him severe neurologic problems(physically NO LONGER LOOKS THE SAME AS ONE DID TILL 2004/2005 - he complained to me about deterioration of his health and son mentioned me trespassing into his xxxxx <== try me to see if I remember where/what heheheheh is not mentioned on audio) via most likely poisoned food/liquid supplies inside of his residence or have even injected one/crippled while drugged up.
The only crime father committed was biting Christ bait - he saw in me human being first and thought himself just like Andrej Babish and numerous others could earn extra Dollar abroad - he was no lucky as from 2002/2003 up Polish Kacynski/ Duda/ Morawiecki along Czech republic searched for Russian scapegoats by hurting own people and pointing it all into Russia per Donald Trump's administration(for everything Polish and Czech state did to own people, Russian KGB was guilty of since 2002).

This father became tireless fighter for me...he lost peace because of this can hear him talking to me about job - he did all that prior during MK Ultra - tried to remind me of helpful gestures via real time conversation....DIDN'T COME TO MEET ME WITH IDEA TO BECOME CENTER OF CONFLICT AND HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITIC WHICH HE GREATELY FEARS WITH GREAT REASON...

Both(son and father) were stressed out due to Czech government's involvement in their lives and have due to my political involvement lost tempter with me(it was actually on pact which Duda/Babish made prior to end of MK Ultra in 2013/2015 when all involved turned sharply against me before whomever brought me for the last time through MK Ultra dots of which some lasted 23 years). and you can hear talk about "water is deep here"(was presented with deep water issues when drugged up as well - they don't mention it to threaten or anything, but to see how I will accept them around myself which I with biggest pleasure did and will). They finally opened up in 2017 when I ended in Ukraine and Belarus.

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