Tuesday, October 6, 2020

MK ULTRA - I identify on second day in Old Bohimin(Sept. 1st, 2020) Czech Rep a native now wife mother and she RECOGNIZED ME from the past in English language

Video can be seen at https://youtu.be/WO07rYYpGBU

One of her beautiful children born disabled....

The first question American I was with in 1995 gave to boys from Old Bohum per whether I can be next to them(I alone wanted to be - we all loved water) was I cite, "will let him hang around you, but can you make sure he will not drown in he lakes"...

Residents of Czech Old Bohumin, New Bohumin, and even Ostrava considered me as native because I aged with them and all that happened since early beginnings money wise(investments, and jobs abroad they would land), happened most of the time in my presence. For that matter natives of Old Bohumin considered me as native Buminian.

After I recalled old American Daniel Smith(once I got to Bohumin real time - not drugged up as case was under MK Ultra) who interpreted me all these, I understood I myself was/am one of them too. Chalupki on Polish side all the way to Olza - entire area(boys from both sides associated with another - was really heaven that could grew into even more open friendly society as both common to nations have lot common beautiful to share - politic ruined almost all possibilities on both sides of river which I pledge will somehow bring back to life). was and I consider it my home(native boys my brothers)....

With politic pushed aside(specially hateful political rhetoric we witness these days), Poland and Czech rep. are two heavens on earth made for one another

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