Sunday, June 7, 2020

Why I will do this all the way for Poland....

Because there was and is far more decency in people involved in MK Ultra who were alcoholics/drug addicts and what perhaps even you(I don't judge people according to their weakness as was judged for too long according to one I alone even by the weakest in society such as drug addicts/alcoholics involved in MK Ultra - it doesn't fit my character to position myself in same boots as some do without even understanding exactly what they are doing by taking judgemental side against whomever for whatever social   - talking about self promoted upper class here) would refer to as "no good" than in top politicians located in Warszaw/Katowice. 

The word (hyphenated) for someone who judges people based on looks is “Short-sighted”.

The difference between here mentioned two groups was more than just was writing down all Buckingham palace ordered to be done against me(William and Harry) or if really creative as the case was via physical torture concerning even torture via teeth ordering them to explain me what I am allowed to state and what not for the sake of $$$$, and another group(alcoholics/drug addicts) which despite Warszaw/Katwice's majors and all other political garbage which attempted to use them as tools of discrimination(false accusation) against me, have instead hurried to me instead most of the time rather as a rescuers - far from what they were designated as...

I am trying to say there was far more conscious in them than in group which went after torture into extreme of demanding from me to also keep silent about abuse for the sake of Poland...UNHEARD OFF if you ask me !!!

Average Pole if judged according to alchoholic/drug addict group is in that case not a such a bad creature after all. Average Pole doesn't even know what this case is all about...of those average Poles who do know somehow(have scenario in their hands) something about this case, 99.9% are on my side against hyenas is why...

Its stolen money they have - prestige that is used against Poland is why. Related to

The best, but not only great news about city of Katowice the other day(but this one was really good one)

Several such birds flocked to me in Katowicah recognizing me as well despite all they were told to see in me what made me very happy indeed(exception was a lunatic at the entrance to train station) and I would like to thank you for it. I am in fact looking forward to meet you guys again. You are very special to me. You count as human beings and as real Poles. You my trip to Chalupki complete.

Other than that I loved mall next to train station - grandma involved in MK Ultra who stopped bye with grandchild to eat ice cream right there infront of me happily, family people running back and forth with children and strollers appeared out of nowhere, and all other freedom loving anti Coronavirus people passed me that day placing smile back on my face...Katowice is a beautiful city because of beautiful people which I hope to visit again..

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