Sunday, June 7, 2020

Trumpetin failed in just about everything

His last cards on table were several vans, station wagons, bikes, and even telephones(such that you can easily break into via non existing security feature advertised at Mediamarkt for just 60zl three days ago or lets say telephone located in RTV AGD for just 70 Zloty located in Krakow when in neighboring Katowicah - something few Americans went for and were rated as such as mentally retarded). The last adut(trump card) Trumpetin "believed" had in his sleeve was a local Auchan/Carrefour store where they would steal me upon complete shopping a shopping card right infront of register few minutes prior to closing WHAT FORCED ME TO REPEAT WHOLE THING AS FAST AS POSSIBLE and set me up with fish which had 50% of ice frozen in bag and via which scam under MK Ultra instructions followed on how I should purchase fishing pole and just had to local creek for fishing for the cost of being even caught(yuge yuge penalities for that stuff folks so yuge you can buy yourself of over 30 kg of very good fish for the cost of penalty)...that failed too ;)

Hard drive if comes or not and immigration procedure to Czech republic will also be repeated if necessary...other than that Trumpet has nothing left in his sleeves from my side that one could claim as possible mean.

Principle of "we will get that money someway somehow" is proven and his presidency a LOST CASE !!!

Just creating my own business at this point and writing book which should be on sale soon...creating videos and taking time off without unnecessary risks :)))) Thinking more about buying myself a new car, fishing license with all that other great stuff that comes along $$$ self sufficiency.

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