Sunday, June 7, 2020

Found myself the other day walking at 4am on streets of Katowice and just as I was to enter through main entrance of train station

5 people whom I recognized greeted me with loudness...they appeared to be under influence of alcohol as usually case was with them...I remember them for the last 10/13 years or so as was given in their care like a puppy on many occasions whenever brought to Katowice for MK Ultra business negotiations...I happily reached out toward this good spirited(they were positive when they saw me) human beings specially as I felt were left behind like many other MK Ultra participants...

 In fact, I want to make up for their lost lives as all human beings regardless of their TODAY's(not only past) background matter to life should have been left behind nor back then nor today as we live in what should be civilized societies whose purpose supposedly is for people to take care one another(care for well being of one another).

MK Ultra was traumatic experience, and not only for me...experience full of trauma and lies of local politicians to people involved in one of which life dreams most often didn't turn only into pipe-dreams, but also into total abuse used as an insurance policy prepared for future court combat with me for the sake of lying. In some cases, people were even killed - destroyed via social engineering totally and such might have been the case with girl whose ex apartment I have filmed(as seen bellow)...they would get these people off the MK Ultra record and inflated lies via friendly tap on the arm vodka issues into even greater perceptions till those would loose themselves completely on what they would pick corpses only.

Politicians destroyed quite a few lives for their sake and this group just happens to be the one...while friendly talking to one another and what looked like would develop into really friendly relationship, male individual begun to insult me infront of others and I therefore rather proceeded to enter train station on what one begun to yell at me really loudly as was also told under MK Ultra case will be as according to one(I cite one, "you will run inside and back to Lodz in fear from my beating you up"), I destroyed lives and if not leaving quickly would also beat me up - its when and where I saw everything dark infront of least I wanted to grab him(just three weeks earlier I had individual pushing me and my new laptop mounted on my back at home in the middle of the night against my car as I would step out of vehicle - had bottom rock of society in Poland yell/push me around for reason no other than privilege government granted them under MK Ultra) to demonstrate him the reality of the situation.

That night as I walked Katowice, I have seen many locations where of the locations was the one seen here(two girls involved in MK Ultra were destroyed on this location - involved in MK Ultra already in 2002/ 2003/ 2004/ 2005...)...then another person suffered almost same misfortune when meeting me via MK Ultra on what place was turned into bar.
People whom they involved in MK Ultra scenarios most often times begun to believe I was a really a real toy with whim you can do as pleased - specially whenever alcohol/drugs were involved...this they believed its okay not only to threaten, punch in stomach, spit at, abuse psychologically...they believed I owe them...believed world owes them...for many, MK Ultra and alcohol/drugs became a new way of life rather than concerning themselves with jobs/careers/education...governments who needed insurance policies for their crimes wanted it that way...racism was the thing to push and finally destroy subjects pointing it all at me with idea to use destroyed humans as a rational/justified pretext for torture in the future in case truth comes out.

None of people involved in MK Ultra who consumed alchohol(even a slightest amounts of alchohol) ever managed to overcome fact over time, they failed more and more from their life expectations till as state d above many got totally lost. This demonstrates what kinds of people as human beings these politicians truly were/are...I deem(judge according to myself and its what I plan on doing) that if truly concerned, they would have instead rescue/help people in need and not as the case was/is.

That night in Katowice, I was thinking about just how much time I lost being subjected to fact, how time could be instead used to improve my life...thinking how I had to even find myself each time for many days upon return into environment whenever brought back from MK Ultra...thinking what people like Bill Gates/ Warren Buffet(not nonsense Elon Musk/Jeff Bezos alike, but serious business oriented people like myself) would think about it all if they were compelled into situations as such...I was angry when heading back to train station. I just wanted to board train and go away specially because of what preceded in Katowicah earlier in the day...its where/when above mentioned individual struck and just as one premised would under MK Ultra...

Due to my childhood, I developed hatred for violence. I remained extremely tolerant person(and gentle because its also something I was missing as child and deem is extremely important part of every human being) despite all, however, decided whenever facing obstacle of violence. Determined on taking even strong actions to counter one if necessary regardless of price because no one in this world deserves to be mistreated with even 1% of disrespect with what I was.

@Politicians in Poland


You as a state/people/ nation should ask for forgiveness. Should issue an immediate apology to me personally in 2018 already as I will tell you that if something you have done to me would have been done to either Polish/ Russian/ Czech/ Slovak or whatever individual in Slovenia, our Slovenian people would have set parliament along with politicians inside of the parliament on fire -  burning them all live. Go figure out why yourself.

I will never ever stop short of above stated "should". Even for a second as case is more than just clear to me about who/how/ and why.

The above building is exactly the one where told in 2013 to be practically dead man walking. Next to Russian KGB which was on the table 24/7 even after already long long gone, accused of crimes with which I had nothing to do with and premised nothing, but death. Katowice's major insisted I brought KGB to Katowice via racist issues I disseminated to handlers when subjected to MK Ultra...

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