Tuesday, May 8, 2018

VIDEO - 8 of 10 Recount of destroyed property

I explain what Prince Harry was doing since his age 16(even what his military service was in reality) or how Charles in the name of Queen have smuggled British military technology to Russians(same George Bush did with John McCain) with idea to get Holodmor repeated in Ukraine and then in Poland(throughout entire Eastern Europe)

Psychitric Univeristy Hospital in Ljubljana claimed in their reports on how I planned on exterminating Serbs and Roma people(no physical proofs of any kind existed for their claims whatsoever, but this is what they have written me on their reports - Bojan Zalar did) when in reality were and are Serbian chetniks employed in one(including him) as psychiatrists. 
Serbian chetniks who brought in this very house in this very room under MKULTRA in 2002/2003 in Slovenia(Serbia declared war in Slovenia in 1991 with intention to genocide Slovenian people just as they have done in Croatia and Bosnia and on Kosovo to others) even a leader of chetniks by the name Vojislav Seselj(Serbian president and his student Aleksandar Vucic was involved in this case since 2001 to 2006 and beyond). I point out Russians involved in my case and even how those have use my case to liberate GENOCIDAL MANIAC VOJISLAV SESELJ FROM HAGUE JAIL(when it comes to Kremlin, disgrace doesn't end - these people have no face and are faceless what is a common trade with all criminals)...

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