Wednesday, May 2, 2018

VIDEO - 3 of 8 Recount of destroyed property

Here is what went on in respect to Slovenian government. I explain why they wanted me to blame Israel for it all. Police alone gave me proof about their involvement against me under MKULTRA during complain sumbission against Netanyahu's relatives...see who my bank is in reality(Abanka was Jugobanka/Yugoslav bank) and not what they claimed...neighbor even switched into my newly purchased items from internet with his old garbage....
Video can abe also seen at OR OR OR  

President Borut Pahor played double(extremelly dirty) card and suggested on how all this(all about MKULTRA) will come out in stage in which it will be already all too late(according to him too late for Americans/Israel and West)...lets see now real "late" and for whom...

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