Saturday, May 12, 2018

Poland and Ukraine's future should be based on condemnation of Holodomor and Holocaust issues

No place for nazism or those who are trying to revive Holodomor...but instead a place for the celebration of for those who managed to survive(all three nations - Ukraine, Poland, and Israel) and those who want to survive(lost of Russian people are in very bad situation under Kremlin and must be assisted).

Those who want nazism or Holodomor should be placed on permanent unemployment and get a taste of the two...immigrate to Kremlin or Germany(USA/UK) and you will see how nice it is in their world...hope Israel changes its views in respect to this part of the world, but I still remain strong supporter of Israeli action against Iran(Rouhani - its too bad that Irani people tolerate one and whole Irani nation suffers because of one - his hatred goes all the way to Lebanon).

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