Wednesday, May 9, 2018

I call European Union and United Nations to to take most severe actions against Slovenia, Serbia, and Russia

I call European Union to exclude Slovenia from  European Union, block Serbian Vojislav Seselj(Aleksandar Vucic) terrorist politic from European Union member negotiations, and to impose most severe economic sanctions against Russia...all three should be excluded from the seats in United Nations as well and be given instead observer statuses.

Russian/Serbian pro-democracy people should be given special protection in our countries(ensuring their right to free speech is a must and it is the only thing that can bring democracy to people in Russia/Serbia/Slovenia) meaning that we have to crack on domestic Donald Trumps/ Bushes/ John McCains/ Buckingham palace criminals and so is the only way for this world before one gets devoured by these beasts(politicians) that are good for one thing only = themselves.

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