Sunday, May 13, 2018

About cancers and sick jokers - McCain

McCain's brain cancer started in 2017 parallel to my directed energy issues. Nobody from the West was as abusive under MKULTRA as John McCain was...nobody caused me more than damage in US than John McCain who was involved in my case since day A(since 1996)

And as I didn't have enough proofs for claim when it all started in 2017 in respect to directed energy weapon attacks against me, I state today that John McCain's cancer is a fake cancer just as deaths of several other individual that included prominent elite members of Western society was(older politicians and their spouses withdraw themselves from public life to spend last few years together in peace before they really are gone is how things are). What is sickening about John McCain's cancer is fact that he promised me direct energy attacks via my neighbor(how it will be between him and me and if I don't catch him, I will be dead and so on) Dane Kolenc, but have somehow failed to mention Miroslav Berger and others involved...what else than to protect American neonazi partner Putan Putanowich whom directed energy were also given to play with.
Although am not standing for Donald Trump, it is hard to decide which of the two(both are neonazi stooogies) is sicker in respect to "sick jokes"...directed energy attacks will give on brain cancer more likely than not. They even create halls in brain which they promised me I would have.

John McCain dared me to state anything as seen here under MKULTRA and have gestured(not to me, but to police officer who was present under MKULTRA) something in respect to cells manipulation technology via which he would be capable to obtain proofs about "his" cancer against my would burry me according to McCain...

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