Saturday, April 2, 2022

Putin from international perspective WON war in Ukraine

 Russia occupies almost entire Ukrainian coastal line with Crimea and war as we see will be repeated itself as many times as necessary(why not - its in Ukraine not Russia) till Ukrainian nation no longer will exist - thanks to West make no mistake about it 

What we see in Ukraine from international perspective as far as counter measures, Russian "war on Ukraine" could run for another 100+ years without Putin facing any domestic turmoil whatsoever. Sure is laughable...if anything, so laughable that Putin's fake opposition no longer will have reason to fake against Putin and will join hands with one...WESTERN MEDIA IN MANY ASPECTS IS UNREALISTIC(MISCHIEVOUSLY CRIMINAL) EVEN PUSHING FORWARD SCORN/RIDICULING FOR RUSSIAN ARMY'S TALL CLAIMING ONE TO BE UNORGANIZED KNOWING ALL TOO WELL ABOUT MEANING OF WRITTEN HERE... 

Without meaningful response to Russia onto Russian soil(something that will revive painful memory of Russians due to their onslaught of Ukraine for next 100 years), Russia will repeat as stated above till Ukraine as nation no longer will exist..."denazification" procedure of Ukraine for which Putin alone claimed has same human DNA as Russian people("denazifying" someone for whom you claim to have same DNA as yourself - now thats insane) runs in Russia deep throughout Russian history  - way before Germans invented Hitler's Mein Kampf, Russia depleted already 50% of Ukrainian territory through Holodomor procedures leaving around besieged Ukrainian territories nothing but walking bones and corpses - For the last 100 years, Russia became addict of violence against people of Ukraine and one won't stop feeding itself on Ukrainian corpses till someone breaks one teeth for a lots of time to come. RUSSIAN THIRST FOR BLOOD OF OTHERS AROUND RUSSIA, RUSSIA TRADITIONALLY(historically) WAS SUCKING FROM SADISTIC MURDEROUS  SUFFERING ONE INFLICTED ON PEOPLE OF UKRAINE...its more than for equality in this is about DENAZIFICATION OF RUSSIA AND NOT UKRAINE whenever world will come to here stated terms..

Western anti Russian actions(NATO membership alliance/EU) are a matter of laughter. JOKE AT MOST. 

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