Sunday, April 3, 2022

He had to pose next to me on every delivery of lethal American British NATO technology to his military complex - behaved just as heroine addicts do upon receiving Western technology

He hated me just as I hated him and those whom placed one in seat of his predecessor around whom same repeated...Russians made on their own exactly NOTHING. Top Russian military technology is equivalent to zero point nothing.
So, how is the so called "Russian war on Ukraine" coming along !!???? Why West doesn't tell us...Putin was poised(what one planned long ago) already in his attack plan in 2005 to make peace with Ukraine  after initial invasion on one(take as much as possible and weaken one in every aspect) and repeat war against one within next 3-5 years with what you see above...Ukraine is not fighting Russia do, but own "allies"(those who delivered as seen above and everything else in today's Russian arsenal).

The real reason is stated above - 3 to 5 years after signing peace deal with Ukraine...initially Putin brought to this Novo mesto house paper with requests on what he would like from his 2010 Americans begun to insist one I cite, "may I proposit to also mount our most advanced system on your tanks lalala"...Putin was obsessed with his Armata tanks since early 2000s...wanted fast as possible tank which accurately could engage from the great distance and would have ability to run through Ukraine unobstructed within 3/4 days toward Moldova, Slovakia etc. to seal Ukrainian borders as was his initial was George Bush who updated me afterwards(THEY ALL WANTED MY BEING PART OF THEIR TEAM - FOR OF BRAINWASH) on sales his colleagues as per how successful it was blah blah about commission of which I have never seen or would want to see a single cent...its how I got to gradually know real George Bush and rejected one in his face at large...kept more and more separate from me...

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