Friday, October 9, 2020

When brought like an animal YET AGAIN to Angela Merkel and told in 2012/2013 Germany will start war against China, I had noooo idea that will go as far as Coronavirus g


#1 Individual as seen here became involved in MK Ultra case already sometimes in 1998 or so and landed job at AutoBild whatever.    

#2 Angela Merkel declares me her attempt to engage in war with China as solution to my life....presents me war with China as CHANCE FOR MY EXISTANCE THANKS TO COMING DONALD TRUMP. War against China would start from German side via video presentation from above seen journalist which would burn to ground detonate SUV which looks alike BMW...he did

To be totally technical about who is behind it all and how it all came to life...

On other occasions, however, she was more than pleased to report me news on British car industry, Italian and others that self destroyed(CEOs sabotaged own companies and obtained permission for such acts from top of the states) via this very case for the benefit of Germany.

I don't know how much you remember from my Polish experience idea about bike and even Skoda as destroy before someone else will be hurt with it...I was severely brainwashed by Americans on doing something like this - on how they wanted to do stuff like this for me from spine injury bike to Skoda car - here you can see Wolfgang did just that.

German hatred will keep you warm in coldest winter months boy...specially when they place you in between(and this as foreign national) something you have nothing to with it.

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