Thursday, October 1, 2020

MK Ultra memory about Old Bohumin library in Czech republic identified to 23 years in the past and confirmed by Bohumin Caritas and teacher UNMISTAKABLE even after so much time passed bye

US GOVERNMENT HIJACKINGS TO EUROPE FOR THE SAKE OF $$$$$(HUMAN SLAVERY AND RACISM IS WHAT I WILL CHARGE ONE WITH) AND RACISM - HELL YEAH !!! Coronavirus made in USA blamed on China, neonazi politic we witness, and the worst crime case ever(case seen and proven right here) - crime case used to unite politicians around German NWO agreement(make politicians see themselves apart from own voters and support global division - recolonisation depopulation new slavery on broad scale) they made via investments $$$$ into Eastern Europe and elsewhere.

More MK Ultra proofs about my presence in Europe between 1995 and mid 2006 when I never ever supposed to be on this continent a single time....CZECH REPUBLIC !!!
Video can be also seen at

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