Friday, October 2, 2020

MK Ultra - James Van Der Beek participated in Poland(1998 - 1999)

Man(mixed Hispanic black white origins) on a photo was his roommate - a trusted friend of his who was next to him already in 2000 or so. Two know each other for some 20 years back in time as we speak(I think perhaps even his college roommate - he went back and forth in college something like this and they had to squeeze him into Poland twice somehow)

James Van Der Beek(not into money - he truly wanted family seen on photo more than anything else in his life unlike as he alone stated when objecting my money gestures to him, other guys - meeting his red-haired wife was the most meaningful thing to him in his life time) planned on move to Texas(George Bush was the man back then) at one point and time. 

He considered his move to Texas as the biggest career move - its where as he stated would assist someone with something big. 

@James Van Der Beek - stay safe and close to your cubs as nothing is as big for them as you are. 

Tree seen here is a well known tree in Hollywood because of James Van Der Beek's philosophy about one part of which portion I disagree with(nonono - smart but not smart enough move James) - yes, I was inside of his residence/on property brought there know remember one ;) 

In Hollywood, cameras are everywhere - Hollywood is not not only in Hollywood, but also where Hollywood comes/enters ;)

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