Sunday, October 4, 2020

Because its the same question(Trump's virus) as question concerning his taxes - democrat party knows answers on both and none(it can be like this and it can be like that even that you should be asking yourself why is dude not jailed on the first place)

 They are brainf**** with you - both political parties are indifferent from one another as those on the top of democrat party secured to Trump presidency and second run for presidency. US politic saw nothing, heard nothing, know nothing is a scam/lie that can be turned against you(its used to discredit physical proofs) either way one makes claim is why

CRIME COVERUP POLITICS !!! They win your guessing and not doing what you should(paying rent to those who broke even car which you used as a last resource home - worse than animals) !!! JAIL RACIST FASCIST MURDEROUS TRUMP !!! TRIAL HIM AS YOU TRIALED NAZIS IN NURNMBERG - YOU OWE IT TO YOUR GRANDADS/GRANDMAS AND YOUR CHILDREN/GRANDCHILDREN.

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