Monday, October 5, 2020

As much as I love Chrissy and her family, Thailand took UNWANTED turn toward neonazi plan via her parents

I have something to do with it too. Her mother was the only female(its what I think) I was intimate with during MK Ultra. In Thailand where was brought, it helped Thailand's king who severely protested my views along other locals to accept nazism as "not so bad" after I cooked them local headaches. There you have it. I have to stop freebies

Thailand's king who resisted to plan(ONE EXISTS FOR REAL AND WHOLE THING WAS DONE VIA MYSELF, SO I KNOW PLAN IS REAL  - ITS WHAT THAT SECOND PART I WAS USED FOR AND WHY POLITICIANS ALLWAYS HAD INVESTORS WHEREVER MY PRESENCE WAS DETECTED) , finally got init for $$$$ sake as among our entourage was entire American/Western(GERMAN) money delegation.

I say so because Thai King DOESN'T WANT to be part of this circus nor do Thai people nor I am certain parents of Chrissy Teigen <== ITS NOT A BUSINES MOVE TO DECLARE THIS(I KNOW), BUT DEEP IN HEARTS YOU GUYS AREN'T AND NEVER EVER WERE PART OF HATRED.

Norwegian husband was the one who got her Vilailuck circle, but he alone was is liberal non nazi(antin azi individual who found himself infront of whole different picture left with no choice) - its German government that went after her via Norwegian government to accomplish wanted...

Everyone incl. Chrissy knows all about it...the only one hurt on this page is Donald Trump as another piece of puzzle becomes clear...NAZISM VIA HOLLYWOOD AS HOLLYWOOD RESISTED MADISON GARDEN MORE THAN ANYTHING/ANYONE PRIOR TO WW2 IN USA. YOU GET IT(this is why Trumpet) !!???????

Germans who again run whole operation via London and Washington DC went on selectively to every government on earth individually solicited plan by offering different issues to each one of them...incl. to China who became guilty even of Coronavirus via which they attempted to exhort one into nazi circle - cooperation. Russia was easy thanks to Putin !!!

Why Kanye West is included in this news !!??? Because he insisted me will continue support for Trump for as long as I pardon anyone involved supporting Trump and he somehow knew all about Teigen family and myself(was told limited portion of Hollywood did, but I think good portion of Hollywood knows it)...


STOP !!!

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