Saturday, October 10, 2020

1 of 2 - I identified even first van of Czechs friend in Old Bohumin brought for him from Italy by friend via Italian delegation in 1996 1997

Many others I have met over the years(they met me under MK Ultra not that I would met them) either died or became crippled - Eddie Van Halen died of throat cancer just this week for example...Probably 30% of people that would bump into me during MK ultra would endup either dead or crippled of which some 15% or so(I estimate -  Dan Smith would be and hope is proud of me) had throat cancers...I explain in details what caused and who a death/devastation in Czech republic - further in Belarus. I explain to Slavs(remind Pollacks and Czechs) where our place is on earth, so there wouldn't be any mistakes about who and what we are. The October month surprise Donald promised you on the side is here, but not quite according to his forecasts. Andrej Babis, Andrej Babiš...Andrzej Duda - Morawiecki...
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I came where no one ever dreamed I would....they referred to this as thing impossible and have referred to my Polish girl psychologist Justka verbally during walks as already "up in heaven - long gone" for me to even assume as they would example with own crimes that she committed crimes against me when in reality they had swarms(some 50 women if not even more - they looked more or less like her and I wasn't allowed to see much anyhow) of Polish, Czech, American, Slovenian and God knows only what other women imitating her over the years...they wanted me to accept defeat which THEY NOW eat alone. No, you don't know how far torture went as even those who tortured were not acquainted with whole picture but most likely only with segments/fractions of one.

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