Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Polish patriotism as such

I cite, "I will blast you with directed energy weapon IF":

I see you eating sugar added food

If I see you not exercising

if I see you seat on Sofa because you will have spine injury

if you will talk/write against Trump"

and mentioned psychologist(they used doppelgangers) even took credit for it. Actually now retired I think psychiatrist and neighbor took one on "her" behalf because its always about helping one out.

There is no directed energy use like this in the world. Anywhere in fact. Its an exaggeration which easily can leave me with stroke at any time. They are lying to both sides(democrats and republicans) on how good it is to do stuff like this to me since I complain in English language - to dems as a propaganda benefiting their cause and to rep. as a way to get read off me.

Fact, however, is that I have not sen Poland standing up clearly for anything other than betrayal yet. Good Poles or bad Poles, doors to a normal place stayed locked(NOT BECAUSE OF PROOFS WHICH I NEEDED TO GATHER BUT BECAUSE OF HERE STATED) so foremost abuse as described here(this was stated to me for this location case will be) could go on and one goes on per Duda/Morawiecki(Kaczynskis) and silent opposition.

There is no toilet nor sink located in this unit...one has to walk outside of apartment building and some 20 meters to access them, so they have ability to access also urine. Changing door lock wouldn't resolve any issues as rear door has glass busted.

Strange kind of patriotism filled/packed with all kinds of "good" hearted advises - totally stupid useless advises under MK Ultra...

Advises(for the 75% part, but there also was some good advice here and then as few people truly wanted to help - many who wanted to help by giving advice also didn't know that such advises can be and were turned at instead into my disadvantages as whole thing was monitored and manipulated) which would rather leave person totally frustrated what also idea was overall. If you can't help, keep your mouth shut is my advice fir future victims if you are really out there to help them out.

No advise was ever given, however, on how to avoid directed energy attacks other than well - buy minivan. But minivans is when they speculated would be used to cause most lucrative damage(ruining engine parts etc.the type of comedy)....but that is the idea when creating reality show for sick Buckingham palace/Berlin/ Washington DC isn't it... to entertain lunatics you need to drive person insane and Polish patriotism is the right kind with surreal police in a country with president where everything is allowed kind of PATRIOTISM. Patriotism which will with its lunacy take down the whole civilized world as will set standards for new normal.


Dems did smelled German rat in Polish patriotism sometimes in 2013. They knew about "the deal". They knew where whole thing was heading.

Criminal society, however, is still far better than racist society(that issue many Belarus/ Ukrainian, and even Poles alone would disagree with me too, but I guess this is not my case if considering Aleksander Kwaśniewski case). Its why I will stay in Poland. Racism is something I couldn't deal.

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