Wednesday, June 3, 2020

@Katowice ;)

but I was recognized in Chalupki and I have 100% proof in hands for being there as well...American presence confirmed 2 ;)

There was complains heavy complains to Americans that my racism effected city Katowice in most severe way possible...couple I recognized on my way back had such experience...girl did...

It is possible. Was told bus station issue will be retaliation...okay then, so be it. I will allways remember you as beautiful city of good people do.

Good when you got $$$. And myself bad as someone had to be also guilty for everything.

Major of city(there was s male snd the lady), promissed revange.

Do you even know what you commited !???

Taken up in the office after complete renovation of the city in 2010 or 2013 thst I am practically dead...


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