Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Heavy MK Ultra was done in Katowicah where I headed to extend stay in Poland due to unemployment situation Polish government created

At the main train station, MK Ultra commenced with two young females insisting on donations for child who is accord to two in special financial needs since he needs expensive surgery to even stay alive. While holding folder, android camera was nicely pointed into my face - translated from MK Ultra, if you will not give money I will post/ share stuff like this with others(I refused - was stopped twice).

The worst was situation inside of the Aldi store for which I was told mentioned psychologist even took time off to meet(whoever immitated her) on the side to give me the final "tips" on what I am allowed and what not to buy how much money to spend fat fit pig kinds of issues that if woment wouldnt handle torture one would probablly go completely mad.

In other issues I will not even go, but those concern regional bus transport in city of Katowice which is still the biggest confusion in Poland. They never organized any bus transportation activities according to passangers need to the point foreigners such as myself could easily understand even worse when involving other issues on the picture....issues ranged as far as gesturing me how Lodz and Katowice are in competition with one another and so on.

Polish expectations of me are insanely high. They even exceed level of my own expectations which I have formyself, thus I decided would never ever accept any public function in this country. I deem person for such things should also be on first place native, so natives can see themselves in one ;) its where biggest problem is.

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