Monday, June 1, 2020

In Poland, beaten up severely almost 24/7 with directed energy weapons

For every location, they told the case will be. Individual next door at this location bragged along psychiatrist case will eardrums are busted for a month already since day 1 when part from the car was even stolen almost infront of my eyes(would go inside home to see one - returned outside and that was it). No there is no place to go as they get guy like this next door at any place. The worst beating one takes when moving to next location - money wise and spine wise. 

24/7 with head ready to explode and few hours of sleep...just as told by Americans case will be. Its why for politicians Duda/Morawiecki/ Kaczynski, I don't care much...doesn't feel like real Poland because of politicians like this.

Neighbor left 1 night without nasty blood pressure in my head and that is when I wrote the worst post about Poland...always was like that. Got awarded from mentioned politicians for exercising bad opinions about Poland.

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