Thursday, April 12, 2018

Regarding Elon Musk's involvement

Criminal suggested on how he has conections with judges and politicians in Slovenia and if not accepting some sort of settelemnts with Hollywood, my neighbor would just rip me appart as state would protect him on every step of the way...

PS. I can't wait for this to happen Mr. Musk, but I have to say to you that after WWII, we filled ditches(holes/caves) with s*** like you....just saying this because I was born in Slovenia(Yugoslavia) and neonazi garbage was not welcome here and never ever will be. Not worried abot my neighbor nor about you illuminati membership...I am US citizen and I didn't get citizinship like yourself...I paid real price for one and now its time for me to give you and others a real lesson on what we Slavs are made out of.

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