Friday, April 13, 2018

Appointment with police schedulled for 4pm have had turned into faking total ignorance

Police officer told to contact me(Mr. Rezelj) by investigator Recelj in respect to microcameras search on premises doesn't know anything about what microcameras are...I declined his assistance therefore...criminal in blue uniform suggested me to just search for them alone(if you can't find them, how can I).

Cameras like this are discovered by thermal imaging detection(thermal imaging see through wall) process, and I will NOT bother wasting my time for something that is required from police to perform...situation is hard, but will not allow anyone to drive me insane via asylum torture system.
I don't have the money for this crap...and people are paid to their job...

Officer Mohar(answers phones) has a habit to just hang phone down on me when politely asking for assistance, so I no longer will bother with local police station. 

Just on February 19, 2018(not even three months ago), officer Valencic stopped bye from this very local police station to intimidate/harass on behalf of president Pahor...

Will inform Ministry for Interior Affairs in Slovenia about incidents...

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