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DOWN WITH YAMAKAS AND UP WITH HAKENKREUZ - On a day as world celebrates survival from German neonazi death, Germany quietly begins to raise again hakenkreuz(Germany is suffering from real identity crises because of 0.1% of Jewish population in Germany - lets help them solve their identity crises)


It started 78 years ago with this...

Went into this...

DAVID DUKE AND OTHER PERVERTED JOSEPH FRITZL ALIKE GARBAGE TELLS US ON HOW THERE WAS NO GASS CHAMBERS....ON HOW THEY LOVE HITLER AND RUSSIANS AT THE SAME TIME(even that what you see here is far more horrific than gas chambers and that Hitler murdered 27 million Russians)...

It was and still is epic to some...

Paedophiles, rapists, serial killers(mass murderers) not so bad during German Reich...

Entire Eastern Europe looked worse than what you see here Warzaw did(if anything can look worse at all, but it did)....horror that claimed lives of more than 40million Slavs.

And so as the world celebrates TODAY yet another survival from murderous Germany, Germany quietly raises the issue of its past into the future via what primarily is again most severe racism against Jews since WWII(who are you Germans to force Jews into anywhere in the world is what I would like to ask you - as far as I remember the right for you to do stuff like this was taken away from you) ....
NEWS ABOUT JEWS was published just two days ago...the news that you see above, however, is today's news....meaning that two are related per German political agenda(its all designed in advance when it comes to mainstream media news and message is clear). Its not about Muslims either as Muslims alone are used by Germans to spread Islamophobia across the Europe(come to Europe Muslims to be unemployed and stoned....and make sure to hate Jews on your side of the world too). Therefore, we see again new stages of NEONAZI reappearance(development) across the Europe via Germany...Its exactly how it started before WWII and it then grew into Russophobia(Slavophobia) as we are even today seen as Jews(Khazars)....Germany government(political) psychiatry associates(is using associations - also religious and not only facial) acts with faces to systematically(progressively) advance conflicts into what is seen above....

Germans love to confuse..."you are I and I am you" until its too late and it always ends(when "job" is completed) with "who are you"(thats with a casket). Iits no different today, but what else is new in Germany anyways...some things just never change for better...only for worse if it gets any worse than being the worst of the worst and to pretend for entire 73 years just so you can again become same old same you....RELATED TO

NOWHERE EXPLAINED WHAT HAKENKREUZ(just forget about Swastika blah blah because it has nothing to do with one in reality) IS IN REALITY...




Absolutely NOT against church...I wear them myself as you know.


Bavaria's freshly sworn-in state premier has stamped a Christian identity on the state's public buildings as one of his first acts in office.

Markus Söder, of the Christian Social Union (CSU), conservative sister party to Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union (CDU), on Tuesday announced that a cross would be hung in every public building starting June 1.

Söder, who took over the Bavarian government from CSU leader and political rival Horst Seehofer in March, took to social media to call the move a "clear avowal of our Bavarian identity and Christian values," before adding that, after the cabinet meeting, he had immediately gone out to hang a cross in the lobby of the state chancellery in Munich.

Söder went on to claim that the directive was not a violation of constitutional rules about religious neutrality because it was a symbol of "Bavarian identity" rather than religion. Bavaria remains a majority Christian state and one of the most Catholic regions in the country. In 2016, 50.5 percent of the population were categorized as Roman Catholic and another 18.8 percent as Protestant.

Söder's directive applies only to buildings housing agencies of the state of Bavaria — not to local district buildings or federal buildings, over which his government has no authority — though it does apply to all school classrooms and courts.

The move quickly attracted online ridicule (with Twitter users photoshopping other objects into Söder's hands), as well as outrage from Germany's political opposition, who saw the move as a cheap attempt to head off the right-wing populist vote before Bavaria's state election later this year. 

"Why can the CSU never think of anything that brings people together, instead of trying to divide the country at every level?" wondered Jan Korte, leader of the Left party's parliamentary group in the federal parliament. "Söder's unconstitutional crucifix decree is not just the clumsiest election campaigning, but also exploitation of religion for personal reasons."

Christian Lindner, head of the business-friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP), also tweeted his disapproval, saying, "The way Markus Söder and the CSU constantly exploit religions for their party politics, reminds one of (Turkish President Recep) Erdogan. The constitution has no religion!"

Or diminishing the cross?

Meanwhile, legal experts have been arguing in the media about whether the Bavarian government's decree constitutes a violation of German neutrality laws. Thomas Schüller, Catholic theologian at Münster University, called the decision "borderline, because ... the state is supposed to present itself as neutral in its worldview."

Schüller also said Söder's statement equating the cross with Bavarian cultural identity and history "diminished it into a folklore symbol."

"Those who exploit the cross politically in this way don't understand even the first thing about the theology of the folly of the cross verse (1 Corinthians 1:18) — the cross as a thorn for the powerful and a sign of hope for the weak," Schüller told DW via email.

Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, council chairman at the German Protestant church federation (EKD), welcomed Söder's order — though with some caveats. Those who hang up a cross must also take its message seriously, he told Bavarian public TV station BR. "This stands for human dignity, stands for charity, stands for humanity," he said. The son of God, he added, had been tortured to death on the cross. "If we take that seriously, then we stand on the side of those who are vulnerable," he said.

The director of the EKD's legal institute, Hans Michael Heinig, said the move did open legal questions, and said it "threatened a banalization" of the cross. 

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