Tuesday, April 24, 2018

About half an hour ago, father stated to my mother that hospital(KREMLIN) called him and ordered him to call them tomorrow to get me inside the mental asylum

I have all audio recorded(at 2300 hours)...at least 7 hours long documentary(already done) about destruction of my property that went on for the last 6 months under extreme use of directed energy weapons will therefore not be published tonight/tomorrow(I did a total recount of destroyed property - two days) and perhaps ever...same have had happened to me about year ago when they asked mother to do the same and what prompted me to run to Hungary(then Ukraine and then Belarus)....

I was told under MKULTRA about this very scenario...told that this is what my life will look like...if not locked inside of the mental asylum, then on the run(on how new computer will be same as old one was and is...and even on how all the data about abuse will be erased from computer once inside of the mental asylum)...

Well, I think life on the street will be kinder than what one was inside of Fritzl's horror house...will bag for the money if I have too, but will never ever settle for less than what I deserved...thugs will not determine value of my life(you owe me, I don't owe you a dime - its my duty to perform against you what was performed till you pay what you owe).

Nevertheless, I still proud myself on not responding to extreme forms of violence with violence of any kind...almost age 47 and no different from homeless dog(about to head into the night yet again - as far as possible from this murderous house and state which shouldn't even be inside of the European Union)...two citizenships and none at the same time...I hope you understand what you have done to my life scum and burn in hell for your murderous deeds. Related to https://ausertimes.blogspot.si/2018/04/this-is-what-your-rights-look-like.html

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