Friday, April 13, 2018

About half an hour prior to arrival of nurse and psychitrist, electronic harassment stopped

Dane Kolenc have had even sexual affair with psychiatrist Tatjana Prokselj...IT WON'T WORK !!!

Psychitrist who was here didn't know anything about what MKULTRA is...she even gestured how she is involved in international anti torture program and didn't know anything about what MKULTRA is...who knows what MKULTRA is if not psychitrists  !!???? MKULTRA is not field in psychitry in which almost all psychitrists are involved(forget about "know" issue = psychiatry equals MKULTRA) !!????

According to mother, she met this psychitrist in Ljubljana when I was hospitalized. This psychitrist is now emplyed in Novo mesto's general hospital...interesting and totally bizare.

While pleasant lady, I feel as beeing again severly harassed. Audio recording follows next.

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