Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Ukrainian Bucha was a place where I initially was brought from USA through Russia for beatings - nothing but heavy abuse till its residents begun to see me in a different light and rejected Putin further abuse(since 2003 or so they no longer wanted to engage in beatings)

 As much as was bad, the worst is to make enemy with Putin - you make enemy with Putin by doing whats right or just declining to see his way. I regret Bucha massacre. KGB only got upset for their declining continuation of dirty job against me in 2003 with, "so you will no longer do it blah blah", but that didn't stop one from involving Bucha into a dirty retreat in future war scenario. Putin was angry at Bucha residents mostly of Russian origins. The last who remained violent against me were older male and perhaps his son, but 

both declined same as others did to go on with violence against me in 2003 - Bucha was a favorite destination of Donald J. Trump since day 1 in 1995 in Ukraine...Trump raped me into Bucha "visits" for which he knew what went on(despite and exactly why - Trump incited Bucha residents against me) in 1997 got into heavy confrontation with Trump...whether you are Russian or non Russian it matters Putin not - when he needs something from you, he either gets it or get it done his way. Is a regular beast.

Putin went into war sacrificing Russian lives - according to his own words needed to get rid older fighter jets tanks etc and get done as much as possible...he insisted all present that land is not free and human flash sacrifice with such little to loose a real blessing...he demanded media to engage public into RUSSIAN LOSS BROKEN TANKS DEBATES SO INVASION WOULD LOOK AS COSTLY AS POSSIBLE FOR RUSSIA while stealing huge chunks of Ukraine and preparing himself for much greater war with new technology.

Just bye seeing young pilots inside of their aged MIGS/SU jets, its not difficult to realize being sent into suicide missions(fight RAM systems and anti air missiles without having almost any chance of survival NO RIGHT TO RETREAT DESPITE DANGER - as was told by Shoigu young pilots will have assignment to waste all munition on targets and only then return to base - they are video recorded during work - system indifferent from Soviet Stalin's soldiers sent to Finland or WWII where order was to march into the death or face death from behind) while newer planes with higher ranking senior pilots take no risks or much lower risks...they must climb ladder to survive was told...murderous Russian suicidal misery. 

Wherever you are, don't trust media and engage in "broken Russian tanks jets etc." blah blah...rather think what your situation would be like if in skin of Ukrainian people....Ukraine just as Europe both need security. War against Ukraine is war against Europe. Those that question Ukraine in war for her existence(remember it started in 2014) shouldn't have right to participate anywhere in public discussions and their governments should be fined - even excluded from NATO and/or EU membership.




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