Tuesday, April 5, 2022

MK Ultra threats related to physical assaults(not only body shaming) in my case turned real - they hoped for heart valve failure and/or sepsis

Opposed(contrary to one) to Joseph Baena who wanted me to view one as competitor, his brother Patrick Schwarzenegger  have by recognizing problem I will face in future https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2022/04/coffee-poisoning-was-real-here-is-how.html insisted me on my doing nothing other than cardio vascular light walking exercises. Truth is truth. That much about "The return of Mike Tyson"...blood poisoning is nothing to play around with. Dentist Novljan(Turkova ulica, 8000 Novo mesto) claimed will have to video-record dental procedure done on me(when hijacked to Belgrade Vućić brainwashed with his dentists on how it will be done with me) to have proof about damaging me in process for Belgrade in case I would decide on procedure in her office...did just as one promised me would do prior to my dental visitation I cite, "will rattle your teeth that have holes so it will hurt you, staff your mouths for X raying with over-sized dental fixture which is used for Xraying so it will hurt you, and charge you atop of insurance 25 Euros despite my being the one who destroyed your teeth" and so it was when I came to have tooth removed - all audio recorded....every dentist in city of Novo mesto was involved in death threats in case of my using their services and this since 1997/1998 as I explained in video 4 of 4...all ran by no other than Slovenian police and interior minister Aleš Hojs with all parliamentarians on board.

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