Tuesday, April 5, 2022

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier(a long time Putin's ally just as Gerhard Schröder) got Putin wrong IN RESPECT TO UKRAINE I suppose

And its "probably why" I got when drugged up(hijacked from Miami brought to this house in Slovenia or to Germany) into near physical confrontations with one on dozen occasions since 2002/2003. Frank-Walter Steinmeier(involved in my case since 1995) was/is a long time one of the staunchest supporters of Putin also in respect to war on Ukraine. And I

stated physical confrontations. The only thing that saved him from most severe MK Ultra beating was that he was German as I couldn't believe nor Ukrainian Crimea nor 2022 would ever come because of Germans...Steinmeier and all other Germans got one thing wrong - myself. They did somewhat turned table around again in 2017(begun to side with Ukrainians infront of me), but their REAL work in Ukraine can be seen from afar...not much for the sake of Ukraine if anything at all - more to clean their hands and look at least somewhat credible infront of international society...

British who sold heavy tanks/transport armor and air technology to Russians too begun to sell Ukrainians light military defense equipment thus enhancing for the cost of Ukrainian war both sides - heavy military and light since Ukrainians as prince William stated don't have that much money...AND VIDEO RECORDED NE NEXT TO LIGHT MILITARY EQUIPMENT BRITISH MANUFACTURERS IN BRITAIN TO COVER THEIR ASS - something prince William stated me will be meaningless with arrival of new military batch Putin will release withing just few years(2 or 3 years as after this peace plan he has new war coming).

They just started to support Ukraine enough to potentially prove me wrong about being THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS committed to Ukraine all along since 1995(from insisting me how we work now with Russians since 1997 to compelling Ukrainians alone into crime against me $$$$$ and gesturing me how they now since 2017 have again switched side with Ukrainians). ANY WRONG THEY COULD PROVE ME(they compelled me through mental hospital all the way to Belarus after Ukraine alone declined to provide me with political asylum in 2017 in city of Lviv) WOULD SEAL MY FAITH AND FAITH IF UKRAINE ALONE.
Putin has nooo problem about Western war on Russia("sanctions") as seen here...has nooo problem of having seized what he exports and what can only operates with use of Russian gas - unless off course Russia seizes to exist as country or becomes a pray of Western military intervention. Then Putin's scam seen above would result in Putin shooting Russia in Achilles hill...

I got Putin wrong, says chastened German President 

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BERLIN (Reuters) - German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, long an advocate of Western rapprochement with Russia, expressed regret for his earlier stance, saying his years of support for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline had been a clear mistake.

Steinmeier, a Social Democrat who served as Foreign Minister under Chancellor Angela Merkel before being elevated to the presidency, said Russia's invasion of Ukraine meant he and others had to reckon honestly with what they had got wrong.

"My adherence to Nord Stream 2 was clearly a mistake," he said. "We were sticking to a bridge in which Russia no longer believed and which other partners had warned us against."

Steinmeier was a prominent member of a wing of his Social Democratic Party, led by former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, that argued close economic ties to Russia were a way of anchoring it within a western-oriented global system.

The now-cancelled Nord Stream 2 pipeline, which critics said would have weakened Ukraine by cutting it out of the energy transit business, was a centrepiece of that strategy.

That has triggered a growing backlash, with critics on social media repeatedly tweeting past pictures of him affectionately embracing Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, while Ukraine's ambassador Andrij Melnyk has been outspoken in his criticism.

When Steinmeier arranged a "solidarity concert" for Ukraine, Melnyk tweeted sarcastically that the only soloists appeared to be Russian. "An affront," he wrote. "Sorry, I'm not coming."

Germany's president is meant to be a unifying figure who stands above the cut and thrust of daily politics, one who enjoys the moral authority to exhort people to better behaviour.

"We failed to build a common European house," Steinmeier said. "I did not believe Vladimir Putin would embrace his country's complete economic, political and moral ruin for the sake of his imperial madness," he added.

"In this, I, like others, was mistaken."

(Reporting by Andreas Rinke, writing by Thomas Escritt, Editing by Alex Richardson)

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