Monday, February 1, 2021

Guy I just met at Lidl store is either a Dutch or Belgian from Dutch side.

Used to work in Greece as a customer agent, but is most likely already lead. He contributed to Greece some sort of customer service company which expressed interest in Greece already in 2005 the least, but I think was earlier like 2003...he likewise was in Slovenia despite claiming 2016 already back then. I do like to thank him for a visit to Novo mesto(was certain he was involved in wholesale/retail store chain Lidl/Hofer alike business as another guy was), but it came to me after I left Lidl to day within less than 5 minutes...he was dismissive(rated me as "scam" - told me to move to next one) and I was not alone - had mom with me and as such obligated to follow her rules. Either way thanks man. 

Will have video coming on few other people as well. I thank you all folks.

Donald Trump who learned about foreign companies/investments craved for importance and couldn't resist to meddle his fingers in this one as well. Trumpet paid Montenegrin president for the right to publicly insult him and did same with Serbian Vucic. Fact is Trumpet is one big NOBODY - A REAL SCAM.

@Trumpet - if you would have done to me something like this, you would have a hard time waking from coma.

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