Thursday, October 8, 2020

The man who killed in Ostrava area was Maj. Gen. Paul 卐 卍Eaton卐 卍 - right hand of KKK specialist Donald Trump in Czech republic

This is individual who hosted himself in Old Bohumin specially. There and have spread was nothing he wouldn't get from natives who accommodated Americans to best of their abilities yet it was not enough...local Vietnamese community got in his nose and hatred against Russia filled Old Bohumin's graveyard - advantage Andrej Babis took(attempted to spread Russophobia via American killing spree paranoia - same crook who would today prefer the opposite way via civil war in Belarus which exploded in 2020 out of "nowhere") !!!

He knew just as Trump and others knew that eastern Europe fought against nazism whose plan was to exterminate Slavic people - yet he mouthed in forests around lakes and LOCAL people were dyeing all over the place on both sides of the border(in Poland too and up to 1999 perhaps even 2000 the most it was like that, but then as death went on things took other turn), but nowhere as much as in Old Bohumin !!!

It was Trump who had YUGE expectations from Ostrava - planned on real revolution revelation against Russia, but things went wrong for his grand plan. Miscalculation just as the case was for Belarus, Poland, and Ukraine...

To se the record straight as per who/how/ and why !!!

You can call Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton a MR. DEATH !!! I understand about his father's tragedy in Vietnam, but that he had to bring his persona war in Czech rep. where he knew how one will end, that I d not forgive nor forget !!!

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