Saturday, October 3, 2020

MK - ULTRA: James Van Der Beek who hated me as a Slavic individual obtained special assignment from George W. Bush - court Vladimir Putin

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Is in a hurry to Texas as we speak. Hollywood for James Van Der Beek was a NIGHTMARE. To be exact on dime.

In early beginnings of MK Ultra(James Van Der Beek being one of the earliest with special divided timing - had two tours to be exact) he acknowledged me as a fake unreal even nonwhite according to his standards. His view drastically changed with installation of Vladimir Putin who alone claimed me how he became interested in Dutch due to James Van Der Beek alone who managed to convince him how they leave in constant fear even in America.

James Van Der Beek's views on me off course didn't change. His chameleon skin did.

Just as I have stated and I will state again this to Ukrainians, Croats, Polacks and all other eastern Europeans - THEY WOULD MAKE US KILL ONE ANOTHER TO THE LAST ONE OF US IF THEY ONLY COULD.

They knew initial plan will fail(they knew what they were doing to me was nothing other than mother of genocide and queen of all betrayals world have ever seen, but for the cost of one they hoped secondary plan would come to life), but via initial plan Merkel/Bush/London believed secondary plan will come to realization. Second plan due to support for Putin.

Yes Putan Putanowich's son in law of his daughter Maria is a Dutch - now husband.

James Van Der Beek JUST A DANGEROUS NEONAZI WARM - PARASITE. Have seen his kind at the top of the Dutch state.

The tree theory(another BIG FAT LIE) that grew on James Van Der Beek yard(at his entrance) was invented by George W. Bush and video recorded when I was drugged up dragged in there, so another video my blog post could confirm initial video recording made on James Van Der Beek yard ;) Yes, I should have seen myself as a white birch - father of whites for at long enough James Van Der Beek would share his private video with certain public...but it didn't worked out that way ouch cry me river.
Never allow someone else's lies grow on your own yard/lawn...even tree...good luck in Texas.

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