Friday, October 9, 2020

German attempt with me through USA was very simple from day 1(A) - to kill me/not what they gestured me and NOT what they LOUDLY INDICATED TO POLISH/CZECH ETC. PEOPLE INFRONT OF ME DURING MK ULTRA in eastern Europe where investments/jobs were conditioned to locals with assistance to me

The fact alone that I was at first brought to South Africa to failed apartheid apparatchiks, setups in Germany where they contemplated even on accusing me of collaborating secretly with worst neonazis in modern history since 1995(its where and how video recordings were redistributed to side channels which found ways on table of minorities and into eastern Europe - something I was even told case will be and explined by Germans alone how there will be nothing I will be capable to do about it), Scandinavia/ Britain/ Italy where meeting nothing but top fascist figures while posing with me infront of eastern Europeans(using Musk, Bezos and others to hype them even more) claiming them a lots of money for "cooperation" by exampling me to them as future super billionaire(even king) till they agreed to reach agreement which would give them 50% stake in deciding about my life via contract - meaning....once this was reached, whole thing turned into ordeal of death and anything was permitted to do with me because I was as good as dead. The more the better as Germans didn't have to fear of liabilities for my life any longer. I became an middle instrument of their(both sides) inner war in mean while and was done to me what otherwise couldn't be exchanged even at the negotiation table.

In fact, the longer I would see German illusion the more I was becoming walking dead man and even if breaching dead line somehow(I DID AS NO ONE CAN COUNTERCLAIM EXISTANCE OF THIS MK ULTRA TORTURE CASE), they still reserved safety steak in risk factor according to initial PRO BONO agreement they made with eastern Europeans which agreed to one due to impossible situation(were driven insane as explained above) in which they forced them and as described above - last German contract covenant(perhaps not even written), I anticipate, contained/covered pointing into eastern Europeans(in case they would reveal what went on) as them being the one who delayed whole thing and what consequently brought whole thing into such a deep crises - but its not like this as I have nothing to do either with Germans or even US other than US holding slavery certificate to my name. 

This is why Western elites didn't worry much...they needed this to go on for as long as possible and if only possible even turn me into obedient German servant(I don't classify as spy anyways) who would ridicule himself to bitter dead end for the sake of their lies. Bestial yes.

When you have honest intentions with someone, you don't do what I pointed up there took place against me....

Not even a grain of honesty in them all together...not a grain of decency - nothing since day A. Death plane and simple.

They are dangerous...they are deadly and love nothing more than game of sanity between life and death in one as Merkel alone told me. EVILL. Auschwitz survivors didn't get to know their souls during their internments as much as I did during 26 years of hell.

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