Friday, June 5, 2020

Photo seen here was first time taken several days ago(two days prior to my departure the day before yesterday - on 3rd, 2020)

According to landlord under MK Ultra, I and psychiatrist next door should get along really well as he alone took care for stuff as seen here not to repeat. Individual who did this for his sake(because I and psychiatrist should get along really well) in shared showers area, was an old time resident here who drank a bit too much alcohol and situation got a bit to often a bit too much out of hand. Its what led him into seen here and what I have not even taken photos of - nasty toilet/shower area and so on...its when psychiatrist demanded(sometimes in 2002/2003 I estimate) shower inside of his own place for him and his wife. 

Young man(I estimate age 37/40 or so - a construction worker) was after while placed shortly even into mental institution(for few days/month perhaps two ? Perhaps even 8 months am not completely certain about it) and finally according to psychiatrist to suitable location. Almost identical happened to one of the oldest residents here(tall gentleman was at this location prior to even owner's purchase and involved in MK Ultra from very beginnings with another individual  - extremely helpful individual) who found himself terrified for several months and I understand even compelled for a year of longer visiting local hospital related to psychological problems...more went on as sheriff(psychiatrist) ensured everything was/is in order for place to operate as it should, but will stop shortly here...

This used to be rehabilitation facility is what I was told with prison next door(owner next door purchased property just about year/two after this very landlord). Building was divided on compartments and in one used to reside also people with low income issues who were not treated with medications. Because of MK Ultra itself(myself being drugged up and talking stupidities), its all sorts of stuff that went on which ranged anywhere from alcohol consumption to probably even more(sure was enormously lots of sex that went on - its where and how psychiatrist next door met his now wife)...feelings were running most often too high, there was talk about huge amounts of money, I faced often times threats and most boring scenarios you possibly can imagine(unless you consider being compelled to stare in wall or floor for some 12 hours while drugged up is okay) and whole thing grew into a real hostility(abuse unimaginable - physical abuse fortified with walks through forest where memory was revived on what we talked about, what I experienced, and what is awaiting me) over the years as Trumpet presented community some blatantly real nazis/I on the other hand became more and more unapologetic/angry and hateful alone as whole thing didn't have anything to do with me, but instead money(corruption) and retaliation(they couldn't reach out for Trump who  they hated, but they got me to be guilty for it all instead - can be seen today what real politic of Poland is as no Polish politician dares to condemn Trump publicly but instead all waiting in shadow for other to do instead what they attempted to present to the world even as Fort Trump) issues.

Toilet is also nasty due to psychiatrists's helper, but hygienic problems started before individual even moved in here(on much smaller scale) or at least I didn't know about one staying in here...


It was nice while absent...
One day(solid 24 hours) without any sound in eardrums/head was a huge relief as withing two months was beside 8 hours of rest that neighbor next to me allowed me, was the only thing I got. Goes like this for two years already. During absence(37 hours absence) I ate 600 grams of most unhealthy cookies(thank to Aldi bullying in Katowice), drank 2 liters of milk, and two apples what apparently resulted in a normalized blood pressure issues. Related to

Was same in Grotnikah immigration center. It didn't matter what I ate when away from center for a day, all was good till I returned for a blast.

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