Saturday, June 6, 2020

Answer to Katowice's major for his show of power(discrimination reminder) during my short visit

Last Polish automaker POLONEZ was kicked out of Egypt in 2000/2001 because of this very case as Egyptians alone for the cost of jobs no longer could see themselves on Picture with extremely(increasingly) uncivilized and hateful Polish bigots(hijackers - terrorists who brought me against my will from US to Poland for business purposes and took me as hostage also to other countries) during out visits to Egypt who displayed acts of hatred against individual through whom(just as the case was with Skoda) company obtained high quality engine from Japan for production in Egypt.

India had problem with your criminal conduct as well and so did many many others...nobody got your point of view other than yourselves.

Just a reminder in case you will attempt to lie with other majors t the world about who was what in this case ;)

Torture is not ice cream and you are a horrific state that scared the s*** out of half of Europe with your behavior in-front of their political representatives and wherever brought by you...


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