Thursday, February 1, 2024

MK Ultra - Sister of guy who threw coyote into trash bin works at DMV - possible at drivers license bureau or whatever

And for that matter - time she took to actually help me out understand where exactly she

worked at, I will do my best to return her a favor. Slovenian assassins employed at Novo mesto police station who hijacked me to USA did best to their abilities to get me on 6 - 7 other locations in Charlotte with beatings/torture involved along the way and for no less than 15 years+ whenever opportunity opened for MK Ultra in the area. She managed to bypass b.s. by pointing me out area around DMV location - streets. Her brother who threw coyote into garbage can, however, lives on opposite side of the Charlotte toward Kentucky - more like Huntersville, North Carolina 28078, USA. Related to

His sister commenced work at here seen location way back in 1999 if not even earlier and HAD SECOND GIRL JOIN TO THIS DMV IN 2003.

I very much hate mistreatment of animals even that coyotes are considered in some parts of the country if not entire USA as pest. Some people involved in MK Ultra were using anywhere from spearguns for carp fishing to killing of deer with arrows or even rupturing animals alive while tied to trees. I had farmer just two kilometers from my home sleeting throat of pigs infront of me during so called MK Ultra while repeating me how he will slit at any time at one point mine etc. - in presence of criminals employed at Novo mesto police.

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