Friday, January 1, 2021

Mira Kostov WAS involved in MK Ultra since early days - now murdered in Munich, Germany


She became a landlord in Munchen thanks to this very case. News I read to you now from Serbian media is provided to me by Serbian government based in Belgrade and this via physical attack that took place on December 21st according to which(they brainwashed me prior to attack on how it will be - where to look and how to act - what was/is expected from me and what if not etc.) I was brainwashed by attacker alone will act on court of law - again could be like this or like that depending on news from Serbian media of which for him and will be the main source of news(both belong to Vucic's option is why).

She was Serbian make no mistake, but to present Serbian government it makes NOOO difference who you are or what you stand for if you don't comply with their gangster program.

I cite Mr. Gedžo in 2006/2008 - "I READ SERBIAN NEWS ON INTERNET ALL THE TIME AND IT DEPENDS ON HOW YOU WILL RESPOND TO ONE - There will be certain news which will be used to signal me on how to see your situation whether to admit or reject claim".

Physical attack which took place in December the 21st was a serious as it gets assault which, however, didn't get through as was planned on multiple level.

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