Friday, January 1, 2021

MK ULTRA PROOF: The life of Donald Trump Jr., who once lived out of a truck(probably it was 2005), didn't speak to his father for a year

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Title tells all. Donald Trump Jr. did this before he hade committed himself again to Vanessa Kay Haydon. Donald Trump's psychiatrists/psychologists begun to gesture on how he will be labeled as paranoid schizophrenic like myself if not stopping his way of life.

Donald Trump's entire presidential career was based on previous acquaintances he had made over the years when meeting next to US presidents with foreign presidents/pms and future presidents/pms while having swarm of psychologists watching his every step and advising him  what too and what not even clothing wise as is as clumsy as it gets(elephant in a real sense).

Most ironic perhaps is fact that Trump forced boys into life out of cars. Donald Trump Jr. did owned I believe silver or vine red color(most likely silver, but it could be they set me up as more than one truck appeared on scenario afterwards while repeating me, "do you remember" - WHEREVER DONALD TRUMP WAS AND HAD ABILITY TO CLOUD MEMORY, HIS PRIORITY WAS FOR ME TO REMEBER NOTHING) whatever truck it was that back then(he told me he insisted with same brand since then, but I will not bather with idiot to even search internet) which according to him alone was extremely cheap for year since friend dealer sold it. 

Donald Trump Jr. did displayed extremely schizophrenic behavior if you ask me(he didn't go through anything when even compared to others who tested themselves in Poland - it was a pure privilege resentment against his father that spurred in Junior schizophrenic behavior - second time according to grown baby Jr. as he claimed and repeated himself to me over and over again) and according to what others have seen. Its why his father ALSO insisted against me with mentioned insane procedures which eastern European Borut Pahor/Andrzej Duda(you had Vucic and Putin craving for stuff like this) alike politicians more than gladly embraced/realized for him. 

Next to schizophrenic presidential campaign Trump ran, Trump wanted to also cover-up what people have seen in his own son without one being subjected to mistreatment of any kind.

In 2018, shizoid went on to divorce even his wife who once saved his life because his daddy fixed it again - changed her for sex life with Guilfoyle with whom he cheated here and then since 2001/2002, but then again one also concluded that he is more and more like father(more than what he ever thought he states) in case you red above yahoo's article - well, shizoa runs in family/its also part of Trump's family business - its who they are.

Donald Trump Jr. still appeared on golf course to freeload(get work to save enough money for whatever) and despite his vendetta against daddy - whole thing was extremely pathetic. I didn't hide anger against Donald Trump back then even on golf course when drugged up infront of his journalists and all other "big people" which surrounded big Donnie - half of which hated one more even I did. It was a hate $$$ club I hated to be around with.

As far as his Vanessa/Guilfoyle issue only that in 1997 Vanessa expressed next to her boyfriend Rivera interest in me and I in her(they brought me to some party which she attended while having Jr. and Eric running around amok as two totally confused teenagers who, however, kept constantly their eye on me for whatever reason) on what Jr. decided to pursue her to become his wife...because Rivera had gangster reputation, Jr. involved via daddy older established Leonardo DiCaprio who finally handed one(after ensuring Rivera found out about her external relationship with him) to Jr. due to safety reasons. Rivera's trubles didn't end then - whole a lot more had to be done to ensure one wouldn't ever against interfere...and so it was. Daddy fix it for Jr..

While Donald Trump Jr. and his family undoubtedly are family with strong presence of schizophrenic DNA(its also a criminal DNA), I do not understand US Government hijacked US citizen repeatedly from his bed for simple purposes of sadistic torture and what led even onto torture on another continents...this also explains there is something deeply wrong in a mental sense with country itself - supported via forced unemployment.

All in all, Donald Trump made father that his own child would strangle to death if he could and he(Jr.) went through perhaps 5% of what I did(without any broken spine issues or even needle stabbing into lymph nodes supported latter with poisoning, surgical ligament injury, destroying tooth - stuff done to me as was told so I would feel what other prior to myself did and die in the end if you ask me from cancer related/obesity issues - ruin one's life via misery after subjecting him to psychiatric persecution via forced unemployment for no less than 26 years)...

Shizos used continuous burglaries and vanadalisement(destruction-theft) of property next to directed  energy weapons to get me in the car - not only forced unemployment wasn't for Donald Trump's Juniro disease that runs in veins(DNA) of Trump family.

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