Friday, January 1, 2021

Andrej Plenković KNEW EVERYTHING ABOUT COMING EARTHQUAKE IN CROATIA - was/is considered at least by some in his own political party as traitor

We are dealing with Chetniks politic in which Serbs alone and children(if adults are guilty to be Croats) were killed !!! journalist SEEN HERE KNEW ALL ABOUT COMING EARTQUAKE and was DEATH threatened(he participated MK Ultra case in near Slovenia - Croatia had politicians and its journalists come to this very house from Zagreb, but only trusted ones) if one would dare to open his mouths. He chose to use language and not direct accusations as Croatian top is rotten to the core.

Another individual and scared to death for his life was/is Zmago Jelinčič - he promised will post for what he was resented(LOUDLY REPRIMANDED BY PARTICIPANTS) already back. Meaning our politicians are under total UDBA scrutiny which is ran in Slovenia by Borut Pahor. This UDBA, however, has little to do with idea of Yugoslavia as is based on as seen bellow other criteria - not brotherhood or for the sake of brotherhood. I see whole thing as ethnic cleansing.

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