Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Thanks to FBI Franklin D. Roosevelt/ Winston Churchill just two left wing fascists when compared to today's great US president seating inside of the White House

It was a leftist Antifa(in case you didn't know) who did onslaught at Auschwitz and other extermination camps during which no less than 70 million lives were lost 70 something years ago :))) such is the impression I obtained from Trump's speech at Mr. Rushmore thrown in a face of persecuted non white American minorities.

Trump's speech exceeded limits of so called free speech on numerous occasions, but his last call for was a call to arms for the sake of fascism. I fear head of FBI(FBI Director Wray involved in MK Ultra who also told me the most likely case will be) protects Donald trump from what otherwise should be a prosecution by talking ONLY about Russian conspiracies - Russian because they want Russia aboard of global neonazi ship and Putin as is the weakest link in Russia may just be the nazi ticket.
FBI's persecution against Trump is as FAKE just as Coronavirus and Chinese espionage and all other crap they came up with to investigate - GREAT EXCUSE FOR NSA SCANDAL AND REAL FASCISM WHICH THIS VERY ORGANISATION SPONSORS AGAINST WORLD !!!

FBI is the main cause for what everything wrong in the US. Your free speech nothing more than repeated fascism/nazism and while Americans are waiting for FBI to deliver justice, world is drowning into WWIII.

And all other presidents worldwide.

My MK Ultra case due to which no less than 25 years of life was lost on torture was ran by FBI agency along other US federal organisations of which NONE can really be excused. Just as it supposed to be in really really fascist as it get state. Replace stars with swastikas, and that's that...

@FBI Director Wray...clean your doorsteps first, the go after other nations. As far as your threats "IF", United States of America needs to issue apologee first to me personally and so publicly. Then we will discuss about other issues. 

FBI Director Wray involved in MK Ultra in fact conditioned me with either assistance in case of FBI's collaboration with fascism(Donald Trump that is). Just because you got two statues toppled by fascists wearing Antifa uniforms, it doesn't mean it was Antifa who toppled statues of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Churchill and that you alone weren't involved in it as per organizing such events. WORLD IS WATCHING YOU !!!

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