Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Cats videos are now fixed and can be seen ;) More will come as I knew what I was dong along the way

Juts playing myself now https://youtu.be/d9jhDwxt22Y

Had no idea how videos were turned into photos on blogger as I usually post them elsewhere.

This location is yet another Buckingham palace's location. Prince Andrew even stayed here for some time in 2005 ;) Harry and WILLIAM(a bit more even that Harry) visited with famous people such as Mark Freuder Knopfler lets say...
not to help me according to Mr. Knopfler, but to provide instead backup one day when needed for royals. 

Mr. Mark Freuder Knopfler is okay(really nice man in whom Willian sees himself due to his facial characteristics - we met also in UK on several occasions via royals) dude and I was unpleasant with hm as much as possibly could have been - tested him at times, but just didn't work...they would bring them over from hotels with special transport. Perhaps even masked(silicons). And its what I was told by Ivanka Trump, "you will eat and drink from rusty pans while  will from new...you will live in a place without toilet without sink"...told this right where I am at.

And always(have used here seen picture on my profiles prior to cats in Poland) was a fan of black cat as you know :))) what a coincidence. with my kittens :)))) above boot "say hello to me" is also repeated photo. Think perhaps three years old and was posted already on here...

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