Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The biggest threat to the USA and world is organisation known as FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Bureau of Investigation IS ORGANISATION PACKED with neonazi criminals who have also paved the road for Donald Trump from beginning to the end(they made him a president via fake government law enforcement program which appeared was doing semi job to calm citizens by giving them false hope till crises so deep developed one seems no longer has to fear of actions from broad public). Federal Bureau of Investigation as is presents the biggest threat to American democracy as I observed for its officials not only to be wolves in a seep clothing, but to further assemble neonazis into movement frequently entering MK Ultra as sheep for espionage purposes and exited sideways via scenarios even using fake deaths(fake deaths because of real deaths they caused - example is real death of Ennio Morricone who was involved and of several others for what I suspect is 100% work of intelligence agencies abroad and even here in Poland - big time).

FBI set up in Poland also Barack Obama(they set him up everywhere and not only in Poland) and those Poles who believed in one taking actions against Donald Trump. Its now that FBI would like to purchase via abuse trust(support our politic or otherwise) even faith of public for actions against China avoiding although issues such as Coronavirus which US Government alone produced.

Federal Bureau of Investigation - the biggest threat to United States of America and to normal world. It all started through Federal Bureau of Investigation AND IT ALL ENDED in Poland via Federal Bureau of Investigation with conditioning me my political views in 2013/2015 when brought from Poland again to US.

I cite Piotr(IT coworker who brought me as these are the people who frequenly travel to US and abroad for the sake of Polish government interetsts, "I brought you to US even I feel I shouldn't since you have a conflict with one, but had no choice hope all will be alright" in 2013)  from Fujitsu in Lodz. 

Federal Bureau of Investigation - someone to really fear from. Its job of Americans such as Obama to look deeper into American conscious and assemble organisation movement which will trully adhere to its principles leaving behind what we see is case with politician employed bye FBI whose name is Christopher Wray.

@Christopher Wray(involved in MK Ultra from day 1) - job of spies is to spy in case you didn't know. If you open them doors to access classified information, you make their job easier. Other than that, what US have done to other countries and world politicians such as even presidents via NSA espionage, no one ever did or will again - ask Edward Snowden about it if you disbelieve.

Purpose of Federal Bureau of Investigation in my MK Ultracase was a primarily a cover-up of torture operation against persecuted Eastern European who came to US to seek refuge from his native regime against whom Federal Bureau of Investigation is today again openly campaigning with idea that perhaps one could again cut deal against me with one and idea to wake resentment against one in those of us who suffered consequences of one in the past - its called divide and conquer game - because the main idea is to bully China on a neonazi wagon known as NWO or recolonization for which West have paid dearly.... primarily a cover-up of torture operation for the sake of Western neonazi politicians via lies(fake promises to act in the future against Trump and others) which they gave out to foreign governments as a warranty to stand up on time against nazi tyranny in case one wouldn't fulfill its requirements in case I would somehow manage to prove my case as I did. Then time came for Federal Bureau of Investigation to excuse itself out of the case via domestic politician whom they set up in same form as the case was with Ukraine and all other issues and many more sen bellow. ALL FOR OF FBI !!! The work of the most racist/fascist government organisation in the world hiding nazism behind freedom of expression laws by using and pushing forward innocent and fake agents to promote one at all costs via crimes unimaginable - exhortations/ assassinations/ thefts/ genocide. 25 years of life is what this American government organisation took from me along the Buckingham palace - no less !!!
Using even Berlin headquarters to hide from domestic threat which could prevent people alike Christopher Wray.

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