Thursday, July 16, 2020

In respect to Duda's trip to Italy, everyone incl. Borut Pahor knew(it was in main stream media news sure) - however, I doubt Pahor knew about whole deal in fact that he knew anything at all about what trip was truly all about

I am not angry(despite all) with Borut Pahor or Milan Kucan(both involved in my case from day 1 - Borut Pahor since either early 1996 or late 1995) or anyone else for that matter that might have even caused me problems as they did so on behalf of others from outside of Slovenia(they both knew whole thing was a lie about me and when things so big happen, its job of politicians to direct lie if incapable to stop one, in direction which would minimize damage of those whom they predesignated to protect - they both did good job in that field as even Slovenian minority felt somewhat safe with continuous Borut Pahor's presence there - he paid many many unofficial visits to Italy where we would meet with Slovenian minority - he had me along drugged up I guess to make things look more positive or whatever). Its also people(not only politicians) who at times need to believe even if its only a lie to go on about it...therefore, from my perspective not worth the effort as I would do more damage than good with my inter-reference into matters that held things together during most critical moments in modern Slovenian history(there is traitors Janez Jansa alike who barely wait to stab Slovenia in the back with lies and what he referrers to as revision - nothing other than attempt to revive nazism in the face of those who managed to survive and win WW2 despite all odds and thanks to whom Slovenia still exists - Janez Jansa is quite frankly waste of oxygen who left behind even those who stood up for independence of Slovenia during JNA aggression on one in year 1991).

Its why I will stay out of Slovenia - there is no place in there for two. The only thing, however, that would bring me back would be something lets say if I would find out that he knew about Duda and Italian fascist counterparts signing some sort of fascist agreement behind our WWII's national resistance front movement(Osvobodilna Fronta Slovenije) backs which both of us are members, but this as I have stated never ever happened. Borut Pahor didn't knew anything in respect to

All done from Polish side was done behind Pahor's back with no knowledge whatsoever on his part of the conscious. NO GOOD IS WHAT I WOULD SAY(Pahor went as far as delaying entry of Slovenia into EU for the sake of Poland - went as far as having Slovenian businesses people declining foreign investments and instead redirecting them into Poland and in the end this is what he alone got in return as payment from Polish state) !!!
Building where we would stop on our way to Italy or for a visit.

This is clearly a hate speech(CLEARLY A LIE AND DIRECTED AGAINST BY THOSE WHO COMMITTED GENOCIDE IN DIRECTION OF THOSE WHO ATTEMPTED TO PREVENT ONE) on behalf of Haague who caused massacre in Srebrenica. Janez Jansa also repeatedly cries about post WWII executions of nazi collaborators in post WWII Slovenia, but not because he would want truce as he claims - but to instead misuse issue of executions with idea to promote division of the country on behalf of Berlin as seen right here. Its a hypocrisy and derision for Slovenian nation which one is abusing for foreign interests. 

Altogether, more than 8,000 Muslim men and boys were killed by Bosnian Serb troops under the command of General Ratko Mladic in Srebrenica in July 1995, the worst mass killing in Europe since World War II.

Many of the victims had fled to the UN-declared "safe zone" in Srebrenica, only to find the outnumbered Dutch peacekeepers there unable to defend them.

The Dutch Supreme Court ruled on July 19 that Dutch UN peacekeepers "acted unlawfully" when they evacuated the men from their military base near Srebrenica on July 13, 1995, handing them over to the Bosnian Serb forces despite knowing that they "were in serious jeopardy of being abused and murdered."

However, the Supreme Court established that the Netherlands bore "very limited" responsibility and had only 10 percent liability for the deaths of the 350 men, as this was the probability that its soldiers could have prevented the killings.

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