Friday, July 10, 2020

As I forgot(possibly also entered during my feeding cats outside) my charger two weeks ago inside of the residence, neighbor #2(above me) or someone else on his behalf as he suggested case will begot ahold of one and have destroyed one.

Left one damaged enough to charge super slowly or not charge at all.

Just like psychiatrist next door, this individual too is using a drunk couple for burglaries and possibly others as well to avoid possible(impossible as place is 24/7 monitored from inside and outside of where I am staying - its like an prison environment where previously one was tortured) criminal liabilities. This individual argued with Americans for the right to use directed energy weapon against me and have gestured that he won't even stay in Lodz area upon causing damage. Act in agreement with local STRAZ MIEJSKA which are extended hand of the police on whose behalf they would act(and police on behalf of Warsaw and so it goes) - they also were involved in MK Ultra and know all about who I am and so on.

 This is a very expensive fast USB charger for which idiot either didn't even bother to properly close one or have broke one even off as was in hurry to inflict damage.
 Neighbors like this STINK.
I am unemployed and without income of any kind(during so called Coronavirus crises) in case you remember what Lodz major orchestrated at local employment agency in Lodz on several occasions.

I believed it was cable that was stolen...the realized that second cable isn't charging either...took one in hands to see if charger was open and answer popped fast. STINK IF YOU UNDERSTAND MEANING OF WORD STINK.

Great thing is owner who promised yesterday to repair door lock area if you understand me properly...

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