Friday, July 10, 2020

Looks like Russa too REJECTED great neonazi takeover plan of the world - Outlandish Hollandish awaited 6 long years to finally begun to blackmail one with plane crash which in my eyes also became totally questionable

For me whole thing about downed plane in which country which is trying to get South Africa in war against world is involved a suspicious matter due to timing nature. 

Why did Dutch awaited 6 long years for this occasion !!???? I am certain you know Putin's son in law is Duch because Ducth are trying in fact very hard to mobilize Russian troops into WWIII conflict as well - no WWIII for NATO without full permission of all nuclear powers. 

I just happen to know the deal first hand. As the last alternative, Germans who gave Russians $$$ for bombs and tanks against Ukraine prepared divide and conquer game(and what you see as retaliatory measures via economic means with idea to extort) between Slavic people and its seems like we will continue to witness. 

US dived into a suicide mission under Donald Trump's presidency and the worst is yet to come.

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