Monday, July 6, 2020

After one week(second day of feeding), wild cat family(momma cat with 4 small ones that look just like her) seems to have accepted me

All Americans did(fathered these cats) prior to myself. Some more and others less successfully, but what counts they all wanted to help out and did so. This time is on me to ensure FIVE wild cats spent time together this summer. My plan is to raise them up to about three times size(if they get size twice and are healthy would be just fine with me) they are right now within next three months on what(unfortunately) "cat child" services will take over or if only possible some other option opens...this is wild cat(I think could be as much as 10 years old and if not 10, 7 for sure) who grew up and survived on a backyard of this property by stealing food from neighbor cat and was occasionally treated bye as I stated whenever American test subjects spent time here.. 

This most likely is even original ancestor of first wild cat here as memories during MK Ultra in respect to cats pull all the way to 2004 - Chris Colorado and wild Tennessee boy used to feed her first. If I can give beautiful momma at and her children at least one summer together would be okay. Nobody can and no one could give these family more in entire life time. Nothing like growing up together with brothers and sisters next to mom even if out of trash mounts as seen here. I hope to get them inside to me eventually, so they can sleep next to me at night. I remember neighbor guaranteeing on how there are no wild animals that could harm inside of the forest as forest was scanned for foxes etc. on Schwarzenegger's(was here with his kid Baenna) request, but small cat as you see does have visibly serious scar on her body. Doesn't have to be fox you know. There are many other harmful to kittens animals out there even if we ignore dogs.

Momma cat the most beautiful mom I have seen with own eyes yet...during rain, she keeps small ones sleeping inside of pile of trash while she stays outside on a grass with one eye open all night for nothing to come anywhere even close. Never seen cats as beautiful as these wild cats. Anyhow, have a nice day.

There was a while hysteria about cats. Owner even positioned(knowing I have no choice) a giant drawer atop of another one in a way that would made for me the thing impossible to relocate one to other corner of the room - idea was for me to handle one improperly and cause myself injury due to disc injuries I have. Other neighbors discouraged under MK Ultra for me to have anything to do with cats - all sorts of creepy scenarios from money issues to dog etc...I just feel sorry that not even animals are excused from this lunacy $$$$$. This cat family is known all the way to Seattle where biggest in the world private cat donor/sponsor(probably is) takes care many in US. Thats all for this one.

I think I will have them at my place within week or so, so momma cat will be capable to sleep at night well next to her treasures. Often times, animals know more how to take care their young ones than people.

Nope, I never raised cats in my life time but momma cat trusts me and some Americans never managed to get them anywhere near bye.

This is actually the second day(On July the 4th I decided to just prepare whole I begun to provide for for them - interior) on regular bases, but I did throw them small salami treats prior for about two/three days prior...

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