Sunday, July 5, 2020

What Trump's presidency produced :)))) - historical figures no longer seen solely as historical but for what they were as human beings, and country alone(seen as such globally) as a deep white trailer trash neonazi state


Your president burned lots of bridges for you worldwide. Divided(polarized) America into-racial groups while gesturing even shooting(crippling people by shooting them in legs on what repatriations would preferably follow) of minorities for crossing border, placed value of females onto level of dogs, equaled disabled with demented, and elderly with dinosaurs. Made fun of deadly virus and deaths of whose death he caused with malicious conduct on political stage alone.

 You as an American today-now are seen as racist bigot(ENEMY) wherever you go globally and at home you are choking with Coronavirus issues along burned US flags. He accomplished more against United States America than all enemies together throughout entire lifespan of the country and this withing just one single presidency and one is not over yet:))))

No longer land of brave and free, but land of hateful bigots/ racists/ enemies of the world/humanity/freedom.

Donald Trump = #1

If you ask me, donkey is beautiful compared to this here.
Also looks as if she would escape from somewhere.

DONALD TRUMP = Worse than Pearl Harbor and in the heartland of America.

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