Monday, July 6, 2020

Won't have to clean plates tonight - momma cat ordered small kittens several time during the day to report to the table

One tail already crossed this evening inside of the place 😃😄 Momma cat also doesn't have problem to eat along kittens and then just leave all the sudden her way leaving kittens eating behind what gestures a strong trust into human stranger.

I started to feed them just three days ago :))) The only problem are mosquitoes which are biting because of my having doors open😐😖  - must do so for them to get used to me being near. Love hurts no doubt.
Food is simple(low cost home made food), but healthy(nutritious) and tasty. Spaghetti with lots of eggs(its like a souse over spaghetti as I don't let one to harden) and reduced fat chicken salami. I first gave them salami pieces to develop taste for something irresistible and then just added one to other ingredients and that way developed taste in them for new food which they seem to like it very much.

Momma cat wanted this way - she kinds of told me what to do...

I gave her first time food just to try perhaps 5 days ago...don't come close was her order(she would a first take food from hand roughly - was very afraid of stranger but still very hungry)...I was throwing bits of chicken salami to kittens who were hiding inside the trash pile holes just to have them taste...I knew I will need all this to upgrade trust.

The next day, however, she came bye(as if she would remind herself of other prior to myself) to almost say, "hey its not supposed to be like that you know, you supposed to take care us...its difficult for me alone".

Momma cat who would at first warn me by threateningly blowing into me and showing me sharp teethes is actually super gentle. She did ate from my hand while showing me all kinds of threatening signs at first - demonstrated me her might by imitating mini tiger(has long original nails - have never seen manicure lol)....on the other hand she would stop bye at the entrance just for me to notice her on what one would walk away with great self confidence, but this is actually call for NOTICE ME PLEASE in cat language - it was a good sign. 

Still her unspoken words to me were don't approach kittens anywhere near, or I will eat you but all that was gone as we both knew it will be okay once past fear...little bye little to her taking initiative now to bring them all to the table. I have not seen cat as beautiful as this yet...

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