Friday, May 8, 2020

MK- Ultra There were people and governments motivated in investing money through me, but Donald Trump ensured via US Government they wouldn't !!!

his individual who brought me to Poland and other countries like uncle Tom#2 also ensure that no cent would be ever invested in my by wealthiest investors and foreign governments.

Not Alexandra or Justka that followed me around like death(suggested and in Belarus, USA, Poland alone, Slovenia etc.), but this individual was a real cholera that ruined my life on every step of the way along his Buckingham palace's comrades...

I sure do feel like uncle Tom thinking of his children and Buckingham palace. You will be shocked to learn about this city(this place in particular about what Trump and his family had going on).

Brought me with his family along as if I was member of his family is how he presented me, but treated me like an animal. Specially around his own family circle.


 There were people and governments motivated in inevsting money through me, but Donald Trump ensured via US Government they wouldn't !!!

Many people far wealthier than individual seen bellow whose family grabbed Eastern European wealth via this very case participated and attempted to invest through me just as US Government invested via Zuckerbergs/Musks etc..lost lots of money and wasted 25 years on torture. Sickos from London whom own British hate.

Remember this !!????
Its the wealthiest people that this bandits scared away from me and compelled me into life as seen on this news site...once I have proven in Slovenia despite torture and threats for MK Ultra case to exist, they became more open for admission of crime.

On photo above that he pays the bill, but that this one he wouldn't just to remind me of whatever sickos have seen along uncle Tom#2 when in Swiss alps...

Beyond disgusting/repulsive. 


 These people crossed borders of most disgusting world have seen

I am actually now thankful to Poland for reminding me of everything that went on. Do with them whatever you like, but for they are not and never will be seen as human beings.


 Will avoid as much as possible even chain of Tesco stores

I apologize to British for expressing myself this way, but this crossed border of everything. You were very nice people with me. Motivated in helping me out sure(pledged to help me and you did), but to keep people like this as rulers of your country/nation is against my principles(left me with extremely bad taste in my mouths). Is not acceptable any longer.


 Before jumping on loads of food, Trump would with Ivanka, Jr., Eric go for walk(30/40 min) each morning(it appeared at least at times very very early)

Like 0500/0600 am...then food upon return and them meetings...probably still does as written here is just that you guys don't know about...parks early in morning would be the thing to look into...he did have parks up there in US as well where they would hike mornings..


 Will also quit from yahoo site(too time consuming - its the idea behind it all) - used as tactic to also push me from this site should demonstrate

There is more garbage about Buckingham palace on there than in British tabloids from where they ran away from as everyone knows what they are about...
If you think MK Ultra around people like this is fun, think twice...

Probably no one wants anything like this into his personal space - barking almost in face....

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